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(x+2)^2 AND x^2+4

Need help finding a specific Horror movie!! Please?

Ok so first off I'm 19 years old and have not seen this horror film since I was about 7. So I don't remember much. In the begging of the movie a doctor is doing an autopsy on a dead person. Somehow another dimension gets opened and a bunch of demon monsters start coming out of it . does it sound familiar to any of you ?? I know it's not much information but it's all I can remember.

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Opinions on the name Jennifer?

I personally love this name, what are your opinions and what kind of person do you think of when you see/hear it?

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Well long story short....this guy likes playing games with me.....he used to kiss me on the really touchy...well i asked him what his intentions are and he said "mainly to have fun". I told him to stop because i wont be playing along with it...and he apologized. I decided to not be upset but to still talk to him and be friends. Now my friend came to visit me and she met him.....he keeps stroking my hand...and at one point when he gave me something in my hand he grabbed it but i yanked my hand from his grip. She saw that part and she also told me he keeps staring at me from across the i dont know what to think. Sometimes i still like him but i stop myself because i know he will just mess with me but........sometimes i wanna play with him so he knows how it feels to have interest in someone and be played with but im not sure...what should i do?

What does seeing a different dress color mean?!?!?

so that popular dress thing going around where some people see blue & black and some see white & gold? a couple hours ago I saw black & blue but now I see white & gold what does that mean???

What are my chances into getting in UCLA/UC Berkeley/ University of Michigan?

So I’m a junior in high school now and here are my GPAs: -Freshman yr: first semester: 3.83 (un-weighted): 2 honors (H Chinese, H accelerated math) and the rest (9th grade English (B), biology, P.E., Modern World) -Freshman yr: second semester: 3.88 (un-weighted): 2 honors (chinese honors, accelerated math) and the rest (9th grade English (B), biology, P.E., Modern World, TA, Dance beginner) -Sophomore yr 1st semester: 3.7 (un-weighted): 2 honor (H physics (B) and H Geometry (B)), 1 AP (AP World History), and the rest (10th grade Eng, chemistry, Spanish 1A, PE) -Second semester: 4.0 (un-weighted), 1 APs, 2 honors -Junior yr 1st semester 4.0 (un-weighted): 1 honor (H precal (A)), 3 APs (chemistry, biology, apush) My accumulated gpa is: 3.89 unweighted and 4.3 if counting just my sophomore and junior year. For senior year I am planning on taking 5 APs: physics B, Calculus BC, Computer programming, Macro econ, and environmental science Extra-curricular: -I am in a Debate club, one science research club, 3 volunteering clubs, and a tutoring club. -In my summer freshmen year, I taught at a math camp. -This Summer, I went on a 3 week debate camp at University of Michigan - Currently youth council member of an organization Also, I’m planning on majoring in Biochemistry.

MgCO3(s)+HCl(aq)→MgCl2(aq)+CO2(g)+H2O(l) Write balanced chemical equation for this reaction. Express your answer as a chemical equation.?

Each month chelsea budgets $1560 for fixed expenses $920 for living expenses?

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